About us

How it all started

Snaphanerne.com has since 2008, together with our sister company Komafsted.nu, organized and implemented a myriad of tasks for companies of shorter or longer duration. In Komafsted.nu up to several days of programs for e.g. the beautiful Sweden, Croatia and Spain.

The founder of Komafsted.nu is Tina, whose entire working life has worked with people on every conceivable level. She is a skilled and thorough player when planning the event and the trip. Known for having a good overview and for thinking all the details into each task, whether it is the smaller or the big event. The inspiration and profit are taken in the interaction with the large number of talented business partners and not least in the life-and-rewarding nature, at the foot of the beautiful Kullaberg in Skåne, where our ”headoffice” is situated with a magnificent view over Øresund.

The inspiration for the name Snaphanerne.com is due to our events on both sides of Øresund. In 1658, Denmark lost forever the large lands Skåne, Halland and Blekinge after they had been affiliated with Denmark for more than 800 years. “Snaphanerne” were the former freedom fighters who with great courage and will fought against the ”occupying power” the Swedish king in the north. One of the most famous Snaphaners was Svend Gønge, better known as ”Gønhøvdingen”.

Welcome to us, today’s modern Snaphane

Our Goal

We offer live and informative tasks, events and experiences, ranging from one hour to a full day program. We like to organize this with you so that the program is tailored and adapted to your company!

We always have well-organized and happy instructors on each task to ensure a present and good experience for all participants. We follow you from the first contact to the end of the event.

Let’s take care of your next event!

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