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Kronborg by night

In Helsingør, you will find Kronborg Castle, founded in 1420 and at UNESCOS World Heritage. Experience an exclusive, active and enjoyable tour after closing hours where you learn about the castle’s history in an imaginative way. Why not spice your day with nice opera song and a following dinner at Kronborg Castle? How about taking the opportunity to dress up in your finest gala clothes! Beautiful, rich and unforgettable – a night to remember!

Arranged outside the normal opening hours in collaboration between Kronborg Castle and allocated the slightly larger group (60-300 participants), ideal for foreign guests.

Length: 1 – 1,5 hours excluding any following dinner.

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Beautiful opera song

Why not end eg. the treasure hunt at Kronborg Castle or Christiansborg Castle with a couple of stunning and beautiful numbers if opera songs? Or a small show during dinner in the hotel or in the free space. Our opera singer has a broad repertoire: from lighter opera to more classic opera songs and like to mix some fun and fuss into her performance.

Length: from 20 minutes to a whole evening

Snaphane Tour in København or Helsingør

Join us on a fun, rich, active and different assignment around the oldest parts of either Helsingør or København. Experience the old market towns where you get to use all your sences along the way to soak up the atmosphere of the past.

In Helsingør, the Snaphane Tour leads you thru the old parts of the town and Kronborg Castle, in Køpenhavn you will pass thru the oldest and most exiting parts of the city.

You will be divided into teams and sent in different directions in the search for various live entries and tasks. Play back in time and use your imagination while the story about kings, snaphane, war and trade unfold before you. Collect points and beat your opponents – there is an award waiting for the winning team!  Take the opportunity to see the city in a different and fun way!

Length: approx. 1,5-3 hours and can be upgraded with various tailor-made activities. A tour where everyone can participate. Can be arranged all year, clothing after weather and season.

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NEW! Snaphane Tour with taste!

A combination of elements from our popular “Snaphane Tour” in København and various taste along the way. A perfect tour for learning more about the city history where you make stop at fun places for food and drinks. Tapas, wine, coffee and cake or beer at one of Københavns oldest bars? We plan the Tour according to your wishes.

Length: approx. 1,5 hours to 3 hours. 15-300 participants. Offered in Danish and English.

Experience the world of H.C Andersen!

As a special option, it is now possible to bring H.C Andersen’s world-renowned stories into your event as an adventure and play. A professional actor performs one of his adventures and if you like, you can be “active” yourself and be cast into various acting exercises that focus on body, voice, communication, collaboration – spiced with a little bit of fun and trouble of cause! Guaranteed something that breaks the ice and the given roles.

Can take place at the old Hofteater at Christianborg Castle, in the library garden, in your conference or as a part of our popular Snaphane Tour.

Length: from 0,5 – 1,5 hour or more. From about 15 participants. Ideal for foreign guests. Offered in Danish and English.

Historical Exploration Journey with royal glory

We have the great pleasure of being able to arrange a “Historical Exploration Journey” – a treasure hunt in the Royal Representation Rooms at Christiansborg Castle at Slotsholmen, København. Along the way in the hunt for the task solutions you will visit The Royal Representation Rooms, the ruins of Absalons Borg, The Royal party kitchen and the outdoor are around the castle.

The tasks is a small experience-rich journey in history in a fun and educational way. Enjoy the castle, travel in history and use your imagination on our “historical exploration” at the beautiful castle. The winning team is, of cause, presented with a prize at the end.

Length: approx. 2,5 hours. 15-300 participants. Arranged all year and offered in Danish and English. Ideal for international guests. You can have the activity outside normal opening hours for an extra fee.

Adventure at Kronborg Castle

At one of Denmarks historical sights, Kronborg Castle in Helsingør, we arrange a treasure hunt where you learn more about the castles history thru finding items and solve tasks and along the way you will visit the Kasematterne, The Royal Rooms, the Dance Hall, the Castle Church but also Kronborg’s huge fortificataions.

Length: approx. 2,5 hours. 15-300 participants. Ideal for international guests.

Team building like The All Blacks rugby team!

A totally unforgettable, strong and unifying experience with Haka dance – the old, traditional Maori war dance art. With rhythm, voice and movement, we build a new understanding of groups in the company, a platform of authenticity, courage and genuine communication. The dance ties the participants together in a fun and powerful way and you will experience a terrific energizing workshop with our authentic and professional dances from the Maori tribe. The Haka dance from New Zeeland is best known by the rugby team The all Blacks.

Length: approx. 1 hour. 20-300 participants. Everyone can join!

Custom made activities

Didn’t you find what you looking for? Contact us and we will see if we can come up with something that fits you. We gladly mix and put together activities tailor made program just for you. Do you need transportation to and from the activities such as bus, tour boat at the canal or RIB boat, we can help you!

All our activities are offered on both Danish and English. Numbers of participants are a approx. minimum and we gladly arrange activities for large groups. And we have the experience we have hold arrangements for 3000 participants on both sides of Øresund – at the same day! Nothing is too big, or small for!


Do you need facilitation in connection with the meeting/conference? We collaborate with a strong and committed facilitator with many years of experience with eg. Advice and guidance on management and performance. Focus is on dialogue, sparring and how everyone’s skill come into play. And of cause the task: the business, how we get the best business with motivated people who like what they do! 

Length: from 20 minutes to a whole evening
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