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Treasure hunt in the Royal Reception Rooms and on the Castle Island Copenhagen

We have the great pleasure of being able to offer a historic “Treasure hunt in the Royal Reception Rooms at Christiansborg”.  This is an activity that everyone can participate in. The exercise is a journey back through time in a fun and educational way, which is perfect for curious international guests.

Enjoy the castle, use your imagination and travel along on our journey through history in this impressive castle. The winning team will, of course, eceive a small prize at the end.

“Snaphane Tour”

Different, fun and enriching activity, competition and history.

Join us for a pleasant and informative tour of the cities Helsingør or Copenhagen, where we “go back in time”. On the Snaphane Tour, participants are divided into teams and after a briefing sent out into the old parts of Helsingør or Copenhagen to look for clues and solve tasks. The winning team will be acknowledged and rewarded. The Snaphane Tour is a pleasant outdoor activity with great content which everyone can participate in.

As the Snaphane Round is an outside activity, it can be arranged 24/7 all year, if participants have the proper attire. Turn off your smart phones, use your imagination and go back in time with us!

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New: The “Snaphane Tour” with “Taste”!

We take elements of our popular “Snaphane Tour” in Copenhagen, and combine it with different tasting posts. You can choose yourself if you want 2, 3 or even more posts as we explore the city.

This is a cozy way of seeing and learning about the city, and its history, as you satisfy your hunger and thirst. We tailor the program to your wishes. The tasting posts can be tapas, wine, coffee, cake, sweets or even beer at one of the oldest bars in the city.

Kronborg by night

An exclusive and active round at Kronborg, where the castle’s history is presented very imaginatively. Participants are divided into teams, co-operation on the teams is required, all of your senses will be stimulated! This is arranged outside the normal opening hours for the castle.

This joint venture between the castle staff and the Snaphanes is perfect for larger groups, perhaps in connection with a dinner at the castle. Also great for international guests and in gala dress! Beautiful, informative and utterly unforgettable!

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Treasure Hunt Kronborg 

We also arrange a “Treasure hunt” at Kronborg Castle, one of Denmark’s most important historical locations. Kronborg Castle also known as “Hamlet’s Castle” from Shakespeare, is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. The activity is both inside and outside the castle walls.  Perfect for your international guests. We emphasize cultural content and exclusive materials for our events that support the spirit of Kronborg. Welcome to a fantastic experience at Kronborg Castle with us!

Hans Christian Andersen Adventure and Acting

As something new, it’s now possible to add a taste of the world-famous stories by Hans Christian Andersen to your event. A professional actor will perform one of his stories in a suitable location.

You can also choose to be active and slightly push you from your” comfort zone” into different acting exercises. This will break the ice and the usual social roles. This can be customized to enforce a specific theme for your conference. This can be done as a “stand-alone” exercise, or in connection with our populer “Snaphane Tour”.

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Haka Dance: power and energy!

The ancient, traditional Maori war dance from New Zealand. The dance binds your group together in a fun and powerful way.  The haka dance is perhaps best known through the New Zealand rugby team: The All Blacks.

Experience a magical, energy creating workshop with our professional Maori dancer! This is an unforgettable, strong and connecting experience for everyone.

Beautiful opera singing

Why not end a ”Treasure Hunt” at Christiansborg or Kronborg Castle with beautiful opera song? Or during your dinner? Our classically trained soprano has an extensive repertoire, which she brings to life in entertaining fashion.

Time: From 20 minutes to an entire evening

Do you need a facilitator or master of ceremonies for your meeting?

We work together with a motivated and passionate facilitator with many years of business experience advising about leadership and performance.

The focus is dialog, sparring and using everyone’s competencies. And of course the task at hand: How do we get the best out of our motivated colleagues? A discussion about what you want to achieve, and the actual agenda for the day will be planned together with you.

Tailor-made activities

If you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for, please ask us for more ideas!

We can mix and match activities to create the perfect event for you and your guests!

And we can help arrange transport with bus, canal boats and speedboats to bring your guests to their event. Please note that all our activities can be done in English or Danish. The number of participants listed are minimum numbers, as we can easily scale up. We have held events for up to 3000 people on both sides of the Øresund on a single day!
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